No, Jjong, you’re the one who needs to NoNoNo.

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I want a Tumblr best friend. Reblog if I can go on your page and write stupid things in your ask box whenever I’d like to.







dew ihhtttt.!!!!

you’re all welcome to my ask box

I did this. And then I got a girlfriend, bestfriends, and a cosplay fam that s fam in and outa cosplay

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Imagine getting a detailed handsewn plushie of your favorite character in the mail one day from a mysterious sender, and whenever you’re in danger or distress the plushie turns into a flesh-and-blood version of your character to protect and comfort you


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Since it is my blog’s first year anniversary I want to do something special.. hence I’m gonna hold a jinki-themed giveaway!! Haha it took me a while to organise this cos it is difficult for me to part with the jinki items I have… it’s not much, just random merchandise, but some of them are official goods which are quite costly even for me >< I really hope the winner will treasure these items as much as I would… So please only join the giveaway if you love our sunshine prince Jinki~

☆☆☆ PRIZES ☆☆☆ (Click on images for bigger view)

  • Official Onew 1st SHINee World Concert folder
  • Official Onew 1st SHINee World Concert badge
  • "I love Onew" badge
  • 6 x Jinki photos (4 of them are double sided so there’s a diff image behind) 
  • Official Onew Sherlock mini notebook
  • Onew cardholder (4 slots)
  • 2 x SHINee mini posters (cut to fit for mailing sorry!)

With lots of MVPs love,
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(Rules below!)

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